• Has raising capital become your new job? 💼

    While we still think that main person to raise capital for your startup is you, the founder, we believe great support can help you move faster and better.

Support for early stage founders to go from idea to first raise
We bring the right people, processes and tools so you can successfully raise capital for your business

Raising funds for your startup is crucial. But the fundraising process can often be complex and hard to navigate, leaving even the most promising founders struggling to get funds into their startup.

We can provide you a Fundraising Support package with:

  • A dedicated account manager and team of experts to build a compelling campaign
  • In-house legal, marketing and PR support to support investor lead generation
  • Specialised expert network to provide feedback
  • The tools to streamline your interaction with your current and future investors (including investor CRM)
  • Simple, transparent and fair pricing –– support that doesn't involve equity.

We do Capital Raising Campaigns

Raising capital is like a sales and marketing campaign - it should be straightforward, goal-oriented and powerful.

We do things differently at SeedReady, so you won't hear us rambling about investor readiness, investor networks, end-to-end investment, brokers or even success feesEmpty jargon is not our thing.

Instead, we prefer a more practical and straightforward approach - if you're raising capital for the first time, we focus on helping you prepare the deal, target investors and close. 
 The goal, not the age-old checklist, matters most.

First thing's first, let us tell you straight

A Simpler, More Transparent Approach

Just because you're a startup founder doesn't mean you need to raise capital - it really isn't for everyone! 😱

We've been in this business long enough to know the fundraising landscape for early stage founders: they're not great. We've seen bad actors and bad terms, to deals that are disadvantageous for founders, or just time-wasting solutions. Whether you’re a solopreneur or a team of hundreds, we work like an extension of your team over a fixed period. This provides you with the people, the process and the tools to help you navigate the fundraising landscape. 

Team + Tools = Capital Raising Campaigns

Our platform is the easiest way for founders to manage their own deal, raise capital and connect with investors in private. 

The capital raising process is no different than a sales and marketing process. Leads go in the top of the funnel and (hopefully) a term sheets comes out the bottom. If you've considered outsourcing parts of your design, development, sales or marketing, why wouldn't you consider a capital raising campaign from SeedReady.

Once you are a client for capital raising campaigns, your dedicated account manager will help to prepare the 
information and collateral, whilst working closely with you to identify the ideal investor profile for your business. We use marketing frameworks to establish the most suitable channels and key messages to drive effective investment conversations.

Over the course of our engagement we will continue to lead the capital raising campaign and managing the challenges, which typically include producing content, press, email and other lead generation activities.

Do I qualify and am I ready?

Investors want to see businesses who are prepared for investment. If you’re considering raising capital, it is important that you understand the right questions to ask, the routes to investment and that you tick all the right boxes for your investor.

If you're not ready to raise, you can always register to join our free workshop on 'Preparing your business for Raising Capital'.

Our Capital Raising Campaigns are designed for founders who can answer yes to the following:

  • You have a registered business with a clear plan and presentation which tells investors how you intent to grow your business
  • You have an honest handle on your financial plans; both how much money you need and revenue projections for the next 3 years
  • You understand your company structure and what share of the business you plan to give away, as well as any additional value you expect from investors
  • You acknowledge that it is the founders job to close funding rounds, and you may still may require independent legal and financial experts 

Achieve bigger things without compromise

One price, zero equity 

We charge a fixed fee of £500 per month or a 12 month access for £3,000 –– no matter the amount you aim to raise.

with no sneaky clauses or small print