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Thanks so much guys, amazing experience


Deborah Igunma

Founder, Clef / Peek (techstars ’21)

I just wanted to take this chance to tell how great I think this program has been. I’ve done Y Combinator Startup School and a 45 min one-on-one with Productsurgery.com. The SeedReady experience has been so much more beneficial.


Alex Hunting

Founder, WhatOnEarth

Excellent breakdown of aspects relating to what an early startup needs (course structure). Very easy to digest talks. Good collaterals.

A lot of early stage entrepreneurs focus mostly on product, SeedReady reminds it’s really about the problem, customer and solution.


Sezer Tunca

Founder, Wanted

Great set of talks and workshops and exercises – I’ve used the social pitch exercise repeatedly. I’m actually going back to complete some of the tasks I didn’t complete at the time – really impressed!


Mandeep Soor

Founder, Bendi

If you are thinking about how to start a business and need some structure and guidance on how to get started this is a perfect course for you.

Thanks for providing this opportunity! It was lots of fun and super helpful

Great workshops content with templates, especially about defining personas and vision. The Community Clinic was also a very insightful experience with Founders Friend who are brilliant people.

The moderators, founder friends, cohort and community were all bright, supportive and helpful. Each content ‘module’ was consistent. eg right level of detail, always with a practical, piece of homework which is useful to me afterwards. Also right amount of content/work/time commitment for a 4 week programme.


Ajai Ranawat

Founder, evHop

Not all ideas should have time invested in them. The quicker you find out if your idea has legs the better as it will save you time, money and heartache. SeedReady helps you lay the foundation, answer whether or not your idea has the market and interest to succeed. The program doesn’t just help you know what questions to answer but also links you in with people who can help you answer them.


Dash Tabor

Founder, TUBR

SeedReady has been a breath of fresh air – we get instant feedback about our needs, ideas etc. I feel that we are heard and that what we do is taken into consideration and that you guys are paying attention.


Al Costa

Founder, TeknTrash


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