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Founder support is vital for a strong startup ecosystem.

IDEAS is a methodology developed by the highly experienced team at SeedReady™. It offers ambitious would-be founders the tools, the education, and the community to start their entrepreneurial journey.


Be super clear on the problem that you are looking to solve and define your customers, team and metrics.


Capture data, create briefs, understand concepts , minimum-viable produce (MVP) and how to validate.


Build, borrow and partner to create the solution and take it to market with a strategy for growth.


Go-to-market in the right way for your business. Prepare your business for partnerships or funding.


You’re a rocket ship… make sure you have a strategy, a plan, and the right resources for the journey ahead!

Founder-friendly acceleration 

We don't take equity

Equity is the most valuable resource that founders own and shouldn’t be squandered cheaply. We provide founders with the knowledge and support to make informed decisions on their journey.

What does IDEAS offer?

The IDEAS provides you with the knowledge, advice and structure to best support your journey from idea to digital business. The methodology mirrors many of the best practices you can read from the 'learn startup' and 'design thinking'. The difference, is we tell you which bits to do today, tomorrow and the areas to ignore. 

Workshops & Events

This includes a kickoff bootcamp, specialist workshops covering everything from product design, to business fundamentals as well as tailored sessions to best support you.

IDEAS Toolkit 

This means enabling you with the right tools at the right time; we will support you to validate your idea, define and design your minimum-viable product and planning, scoping and executing on the solution and business.

Matched Expert & Community

We match you with an expert who can directly support you on your journey. This includes check-in calls, face-to-face meetings and access to the community of participants and partners

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🏢 Corporate engagements 

If you are looking to support economic empowerment as part of your corporate social responsibility agenda, we could be your perfect partner. Please email or book a time with our corporate lead to discuss.