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Accessing the our pre-accelerator + dashboard : the ‘Why’s and ‘How’s to the centralised community platform for SeedReady’s Pre-Accelerator Programme

The download

Over the past few weeks, we’ve garnered lots of sign-ups for our free Pre-Accelerator programme amongst Founders and Founder Friends, and decided that the potential of this community would be futile if we didn’t find a way to generate more engagement beyond our webinars (p.s not attended any of our webinars? Click!). We want you to meet more like-minded (or different) folks, to learn something new, to grab those virtual beers and to run your Startup feeling less isolated.  After internal trials, we’ve decided to base our entire programme –– from 1:1 mentorships, to announcements, to community profiles –– on the platform, and invite you to join us for free. 

💡How to join:

1. Please join today by registering your details at

2. You will then be asked to apply to our pre-accelerator

3. We are currently manually approving people

Thereafter, you’ll be able to book 1:1s with our Founder Friends (mentors), browse our community by skill-sets or professions and access our programme’s calendar.

📍Why not just create a group on LinkedIn or Facebook?

We initially thought of that, but we really liked the functionality of a platform as a single dashboard for you to access our entire programme. It is also a more intuitive tool for a huge pool of Founder Friends to release their own 1:1 mentorship slots exclusively for this community, which would be a highly complicated task if we were to organise the same on a myriad of social platforms/ booking systems.

🔍Who can view my profile/ has access to my information?

Only SeedReady, Founders and Founder friends that we’ve verified as eligible for the programme will have access to the platform and your profile. While we advise that you treat your profile the same way you would on LinkedIn and maintain a level of professionalism, we’re also excited to get to know you on a more personal level! 

📅 When/ How often should I be online?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be onboarding Pre-Accelerator community onto the platform, so we’ll be working the programme at a slower pace to set aside time for familiarisation. From there, we encourage you to drop by every other day to receive updates and secure 1:1 slots.

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About SeedReady

SeedReady is a Startup platform based in London. Our team has a combination of expertise in strategy, fundraising, and community-building within the emerging-tech and digital sectors. We’ve been supporting SMEs and MNCs who’ve engaged us for our ability to observe and react to changes happening at 30,000 feet across the industry, while they focus on their main goals. Keep in touch with us on Linkedin or Facebook 

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