Five Minute Features #1: Casper, our Founder Friend

05.06.20 12:20 PM Comment(s) By Tessa

Enter Casper Arboll:

Founder of The Mortgage Club and our Founder Friend, who shares how he's navigating market challenges through past experiences –– not heard opinion. 

So what?
If you've signed up for our Pre-Accelerator, Casper is one of our Founder Friends (who's voluntarily donating his time and help) who will be discussing his experiences during a Live Fireside Chat + Q&A. If you'll be joining us, perhaps get to know him –– and bring your questions then! 


About Casper

"My experiences are testimony that entrepreneurship can be a professional career and a skill that can be applied cross-disciplinary.

I started my first business with a laptop in my bedroom, building Wordpress sites for small business owners. Today I am challenging the UK mortgage market as founder of The Mortgage Club. We will deliver the UK's most consumer-friendly mortgages on fixed for life terms. 

Previously I co-founded several businesses, including; Capdesk, an equity management platform; Raymio, a sun protection app and HeartReacher, a crowdfunding consultancy."

Q1: What are your areas of expertise or strengths? Taking that there's no one right way to answer this. 

Casper: I'm good at questioning shared truths and challenging the status quo. 

Why can't we have long-term fixed mortgages in the UK? Mortgage Bankers told me that it's been done before and that all products had been pulled because no consumers want long-term fixed products. It's been repeated to me +50 times by now. My own market research has concluded differently. I now see the bankers answers as a self-fulfilling barrier to innovation -  an opportunity to disrupt the market which we will exploit.

Q2: We all walk different entrepreneurial journeys –– whats the best piece of advice you've heard on yours?

Casper: "Competition is for losers" - Peter Thiel in his book zero to one. The advice is compelling for both personal development and business strategy. Stop copying your peers, evaluate the origin of your own desires and start looking for truly unique opportunities.

Q3: We're excited that you're a part of our Pre-Accelerator line up. Why do you think it's important to help new and upcoming founders?

CasperStarting a business is hard. Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. I have been lucky that many mentors have believed in me over the years and helped me develop. The entrepreneurial community is built on a pay-it-forward mentality. I enjoy taking part in that and help other aspiring entrepreneurs as much as I can.


Casper is one of the Founder Friends who will be joining us for our Pre-Accelerator starting 15 June 2020. It is a free, 4-week programme for aspiring or new founders, supporting them in building their pitch and strategy to start faster, and better. 

The sign up window closes soon, see you there!

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