Meet Saumya Banker:

Founder of Neck Up, who describes how he first found his way from being a self-taught Fintech Product Manager, before deciding to build his startup –– challenges, nuances and "different kind of pace" included. 

So what? We love this story because even though we ...

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Meet Al Costa:

Founder of TeknTrash, who talks to us about how he's navigated his entrepreneurial journey –– from selling one of his companies (from his bedroom!) to a NASDAQ-listed one, to starting TeknTrash.

So what? Al's been a really active attendee of our Pre-Accelerator, even though it supp...

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Meet Dash Tabor: 

Founder of early stage startup TUBR and participant of our June 2020 Pre-Accelerator Cohort, who shares her experiences whilst building her startup, and during our programme. 

So what? If you haven't noticed, we're big on community ...

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Written & Interviewed by Sophie Cooper

Enter Nzilani Kaunda:

Manager of our Pre-Accelerator program, who shares her past experiences with start-ups and how that translates into supporting our Pre-Accelerator cohort of June 2020. 

So what? If you're currently a part of our P...

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Enter Casper Arboll:

Founder of The Mortgage Club and our Founder Friend, who shares how he's navigating market challenges through past experiences –– not heard opinion. 

So what?
If you've signed up for our Pre-Accelerator, Casper is one of our Founder Friends (who's voluntarily donat...

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